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The Key focus of Academics at BIS is on truly living the essence of holistic education. Student learning experiences are enriched with events and initiatives such as BIS-on-Radio.

This student driven initiative by the Science Department at BIS focuses on connecting ground breaking Researchers & Scientists to our students in the hope to encourage them to follow the same path by the medium of Podcasts. In addition, the unique logo was designed by one of our students.

From conversations relating to pursuit of science research, carbon footprint, COVID 19, Microplastics to a parent guest who spoke about his journey as a fighter pilot and how science education paved the way for their career choices.

We are excited to share with you the delightful conversations

Click on the links to access the Podcasts! We hope you enjoy listening to them!

BIS[ON]Radio Episode 1

Mr Shubhanker Ghose’s professional experience has been in working in the field of communication engineering and allied areas for over 18 years. During his professional career, he was a senior scientist with Defense Research and Development Organization, DRDO, Ministry of Defence and then recently as a senior Principal Engineer with Tektronix Engineering Development, headquartered at Beaverton, Oregon, USA. 

His profession is in the domain of Radar System Engineering and Signal Processing to enable High Speed Communication over Physical Channels. His research interest is in the field of statistical signal and data processing, an area in which he pursued his post-graduation from  the prestigious Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore under electrical sciences division. 

Since his graduation days from West Bengal Technical University in Electrical Communication Engineering, he has been a very hands-on, pen and paper style person relying heavily on data-driven analytical studies and numerical simulations. This approach has worked well for him to fetch him multiple patents and intellectual property awards.

BIS[ON]Radio Episode 2

In this episode of BIS-on Radio we hosted Mr. Aalok Varma. A special speaker and a young research scientist specializing in the fields of neuroscience and psychology. He possesses an enthusiastic mind hopes to empower other early-career researchers to participate more visibly in all aspects of the scientific community. For all the students out there who find their calling or passion in science, here is an exciting conversation that will kindle your spirit! Happy listening!

BIS[ON]Radio Episode 3

This episode of BIS-on Radio brings to the spotlight the much-discussed issues of climate change and carbon footprint. Our 3rd episode hosts Mr.  Shriram Bharathan R., the Co-Founder and Director, Better Carbon Living Private Limited, Bangalore, India. Join us as our ESS students from the IB Diploma Programme have an insightful discussion with him about increasing carbon concentration in our environment, climate change, and sustainability.
Happy listening!

BIS[ON]Radio Episode 4

This episode features Mr. Pradeep Hegde. Listen, as he shares his experiences as a wildlife filmmaker and cameraman with us. Mr.

Pradeep Hegde is a Conservation filmmaker and a wildlife cameraman with a passion for solution- based storytelling. He focuses on creating compelling narratives that help the broader public connect to intricate and complex information. He has worked as a primary cameraman for several wildlife films and documentaries. His work has been broadcasted on Animal planet, Discovery channel and National geographic India. He recently shot and co-directed an award winning conservation film – The Last Hop(e), about the threats faced by newly discovered frogs. Apart from filming for large-scale production films, he produces wildlife and conservation short films for Roundglass sustain across India. He has worked in close collaboration with various on- ground conservation teams such as WildCAT – C, ARRS, WCS-India and Green Hub.

BIS[ON]Radio Episode 5

 Staying abreast with the know-how of things that matter is something that is ingrained in the BIS culture. Staying true to this, Season 1 Episode 5 of BIS[ON]Radio is dedicated to vaccines. We have had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Oindrilla Bhattacharjee, a subject-matter expert in Biotechnology currently working with Thermo Fisher Scientific in the department of antibody development. Join us, as we get an in-depth insight on COVID-19 and the vaccines that are saving lives! 

BIS[ON]Radio Episode 6

This episode of BIS[ON]Radio is a very special one! This episode is a celebration of the launch of the BIS-Eco Club by the Environmental Management students of Grade 9.

Join us as our students discuss the Human Impact on Environment and gain insights from our very experienced guest speaker. Dr. Anshika Singh, a Marine Biologist & Scientist, has completed her bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering in the field of biotechnology. With marine sponges and their microbial diversity, environmental genomics, marine chemical ecology, and blue biotechnology as her key interest areas, she is presently trying to study the impact of anthropogenic pollution (particularly microplastics) on the marine sponges and explore the potential of using these sponges as the bioindicator of environmental conditions of the reef. She is also developing an interdisciplinary action plan to utilize these marine sponges and their unique symbionts for the welfare of human beings. Listen on for an enriching experience about plastic pollution and the role that sponges can play in dealing with it!

BIS[ON]Radio Episode 7

In this episode, we are exhilarated to welcome Group Captain Sandeep Brahmawar, a proud parent of the BIS community with an illustrious career in the Indian Air Force. Group Captain Brahmawar has over 10000 hours of flight experience in the armed forces and is currently working as a Safety Pilot for Air Asia India. His charter includes the duties of Pilot Flt Operations & Quality Assurance / Investigations/ Audit. He has also been appointed as the SME (Subject Matter Expert) Fixed wing by DGCA (Regulator) for 3 Years from Sep ’21. He was kind enough to grace us with his presence and share insights from his journey in aviation, his experiences as an Indian Air Force fighter pilot, and the technical and technological advancements in the field. We are excited to share with you the delightful conversation. We are sure it will inspire you to join the less than 1% of the population who choose to fly!

BIS[ON]Radio Episode 8

In this episode, we welcome Mr Arun Chikkamarappa. He is a Bangalore-based Birdwatcher and the founder of Connecting Youngsters to Nature (CYN), a community for nature lovers and a platform to connect youngsters from rural and urban backgrounds to nature, wildlife and global environmental crisis through education and various other nature-related activities and also help them create a positive impact on the society through volunteerism. He is also a Board member of the Cauvery Wildlife conservation team and was titled an “agent of change” for his work on United Nations’ global sustainable development goals in 2015. He was kind enough to accept our invitation and furthermore share his unique experiences. Listeners! Indeed, this was an exciting year. Like everything else, season 1 has ended on a positive note. We look forward to bringing more enriching experiences with the most prominent personalities.